Cool Computer Consultants Services

Cool Computer Consultants provides a number of services for both personal and business use. Our cost effective solutions will greatly improve your efficiency.

Services we offer:

Computer repair and service for PC and MAC - We offer on - site repair for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, as well as hardware upgrades and software installs.

Information retrieval after a crash - Data loss can be caused by several reasons often including a hard drive crash or a variety of different viruses, Trojan horses or mal-ware. We have vast experience in data recovery and use the most advanced data recovery tools and techniques available in the industry.

Periodic service and maintenance - Over time, computers can become "clogged up" through the installation of programs, downloads and other everyday use. We have special tools that will allow us to clean up your computer's operating system and hard drive. Cool Computer Consultants will also remove unnecessary programs freeing up hard drive space as well as run special programs that will help increase the speed of your computer.

Virus and spyware removal - We will remove those nasty unwanted viruses that slow down or lock up your computer and bring it back to an efficient working order.

Home, Office, Business and Wireless Networks - We are your wireless experts! Cool Computer Consultants can install computer networks and trouble shoot existing network problems. We can also help you add on computers, printers and other devices to your existing network as well as setting up new ones.

Innovative back up and data management - Cool Computer Consultants is experienced in helping you manage your workforce. With simple back up strategies and centralized storage, our experienced IT Consultants can ensure that your company remains in control of your sensitive information.

Workflow Consulting - Workflow Consulting is a way to focus on the problems and inefficiencies within your office that are causing you to spend too much time sitting in front of your computer, and not enough time promoting and running your business. Our Workflow Consulting service is geared toward identifying those inefficiencies and other workflow issues that we can help you correct so you can regain control of your business and your time.

Innovative Data Scan & Archive - With extensive experience in moving customers from paper based systems to electronic storage and retrieval, Cool Computer Consultants can show you how to truly become paperless!

Network Analysis - A detailed network assessment provides you with an inventory and topology of your network to help your organization understand the state of your IT environment, how it is connected, and what kinds of security improvements may be required. This is the first step in protecting your business reputation and operational continuity from network-related security risks.

Managed Services - Let Cool Computer Consultants manage your technology so you can stay focused on your business goals and pursue your vision. Managed IT Service provides complete service protection and proactive monitoring of all key functions on the network, servers and workstations.  It is designed to provide your organization with a fixed-cost solution, predictable investment, and optimal productivity.